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time to document. i got an extension on my utility bill today. yea!

Haven't written in awhile...

....remember when I fell out of your window and you came jumping after me?
I kept all of his emails so that I can remember that he really loved me.

8:00 pm

I sit around this decrepit house
it storms outside



like an idiot, I wrote him today.
i couldn't just walk away coolly?
I had to let him know that I am weak--
that i can't stop thinking about him--


Mar. 9th, 2010

So much to do today
right now.
trying to hold on tight to love
the things I have loved
I want to keep.
unsure of new romance
merely an object of affection
wrong place
wrong time
back up
start over
never begin
never end
i am a secret
i do not wish to be told.
i need some peace
i need some quiet
i need to focus
and i need to finish